I happened to read an enlightening article in Tamil, a regional language. Its author has shared one of his personal experiences. A must-share material, I felt and translated it to spread the good word. He says,

“I am a busy person. I have a tight packed schedule almost everyday. Also, I am a person who thinks it is my duty do something good to society. I feel, often, we are consumers but not contributors. So, I decided to volunteer myself at an old age home. To bind them with my love, wipe off their sorrow and loneliness. Upon hearing about this, my grandma came to me asking if I would take her along to the old age home. “Why, do you also want to give a hand?”, I asked. She said, “No. I want to come because here you’re always busy but there you will be with me for sometime”. I felt like being punched on my face. I felt the pain in her voice. I was too proud of my decision to go there, but here, my own grandma was yearning for my undivided attention. Single hour. It was indeed a deep and humble experience. I realized I must be there for my people else whatever I did to others would be meaningless.”

How true!! You know, we take reasonable amount of time to buy gift for neighbours expecting words of appreciation from others. Whereas buying for our family is taken for granted. After-all, what is the use if Ganga overflows when down south your own land is dry and parched! Do think and share your thoughts.