Dear Diary,
A perfect day! Beautiful moments filled with smiles and laughter, surprises and simple pleasures. Taste of this birthday will linger on all year along! Surprise visits and gifts from friends made my day. One among them was an album of memorable pictures of mine. Those made me recall the past. Every single thought connected me to some other and finally, I ended up re-reading my 8 years old slam book. Every page put a wide smile on my face and then, there was J’s. A silent observer and secret admirer of me, then. So was I. How I wished to talk to him? Many futile attempts, I remember. Shyness may be. Hence not much interaction happened between us. I had too many questions running in my mind. Will he be holding on to the affection he had for me 8 years ago? How would it be to get in touch with him? With that thought I closed the book and logged in to Facebook. To respond to wishes posted on my wall. As I scrolled down, there it was! A post from J. Was it him? I checked his profile. It was him, indeed! How surprised and happy I was, I can’t put in words! Again, questions! Should I reply on my wall? Or should I send a personal message? Oh message! I checked message notification. There I saw 2! One from a friend and the other from J! J!!! “Hi. Happy birthday!! Hope you remember me?” Remember? How could I not! I thought aloud and after many backspace-ing I typed “Thanks! I do I do”. Next set of questions were ready! What will he reply? Or should I ask something? What should I ask??????? Even as I write, I can’t control my hyper-heartbeat and mind. What followed, I shall let you know tomorrow. Until next message…


This is my “How I married my husband” story! So, if I were to write my love story as a novel, I would begin like… On my birthday, before I hit bed, I logged in and there he was, on my Wall, after all these years!!!!

PS: A creative story inspired by a message on how future love stories would be