Being at home has its own advantages and disadvantages. You get pampered, eat healthy and sumptuous meals, be with people around. But then, you enjoy all these at the cost of pausing certain things you do for some time. One such is writing. Now, that break is broken!

I had a conversation with a friend about her 12th results and career she wants to pursue. She has scored high and with her marks, she could get into top colleges. When asked, she immediately said, “CSE, of course!”. It seems she doesn’t like physics, hence ECE is ruled out. What could possibly be the next-best option other than the-attractive CSE?! Moreover this pair of ECE-CSE comes with a tagline which goes like “seats which sell like hot cakes!!” The best testimony right? ok..I’m deviating. So, coming back to our talk. I asked if that was what she really wanted to study. She said, “nothing like that. But, my choice and parents’ choice is CSE”. I was surprised at her lack of clarity and realized it was too late to advice. I left wishing her the best. Every year during Engineering counselling we read and hear that ECE and CSE seats filled in top colleges in day 1. I wonder how many of those young minds go for it out of “passion” instead of “society’s fashion?”!.