Time to break up with PG and PSG. I had a great time here with all the teachers, friends, juniors and the place itself! As the reality that student days are over starts sinking in, I realize we are all grown up, have to get a job, then a still better job, yet another better job, get married, raise a family, be and act responsible..and much more.. uff. *ippove kanna kattudhe feeling only!* I had a great beginning and now, an eclectic end. Upon indulging in retrospection, I realize the impact of the journey I made by crossing hurdles, with moments of happiness, disappointment, failure..mixed feelings at various levels on me and this makes me wonder how different I am from what I have been a decade ago. Times when watching Swat Kats and Tom & Jerry, having face-to-face chat with friends & family, having curd rice and pickle were all that mattered. *Sigh*

Even as I type I feel why do I have to leave the place only to realize how badly I miss it. Always it’s hard to bid goodbye to something which has given so many pleasant memories to cherish. Anyway, the journey of several miles is about to begin. Need strength against storms, love and hope to fly high. This bird is flapping its wings to begin its journey..towards love..towards home.