The following incident happened today afternoon. While climbing stairs, I bumped into this old lady, someone I knew. I had two chocolates with me at that moment and I gave her one keeping one for myself. On seeing that, she asked, “Can you give me the other chocolate too?” I gave her. She continued, smiling, “I have two grand children. It isn’t good to single one out. That’s why I need one more”. I smiled and said, “You eat what I gave. I will buy some more for kids.” She said, “No. I’m not fond of these stuffs. It makes me so much happier to see them enjoy it than to eat it myself”. Then we parted but something was bothering me. She said something extraordinary, at least according to me. That the joy she gets when she thought of the joy she would get from seeing them eating really was more than the joy she would have got from eating it herself. Isn’t this pure love? She taught me that giving also gives you a lot of happiness. Happiness which will keep you full, perhaps. Can you do something like this? In my case, it’s a no because I didn’t offer her both the chocolates I had. Like I said I saved one for me. I wasn’t as generous as her. Or is it because she was as good as a stranger to me? What say?