So, WordPress congratulated me for having crossed 50 posts in my blog. That got me thinking why I started blogging and what helped me to keep it going.  Birth of this blog dates back to 2012. Yes, it took me two years to hit a half century. I don’t believe in keeping scores. So, forget the gap. Before Post Graduation began, I had complete 4 months at hand to toy with. Most of the time was spent in reading books and famous blogs. The beautiful web of words weaved by those authors intrigued me a lot and propelled me to give writing a shot. And what could be better option than a blog? You don’t have to run behind publishers to publish your works. Just let the fingers dance on your keyboard for sometime and one button press lets the whole world read what you have written! This forum serves as a platform to throw out my thoughts, converse and discuss. What I intend to accomplish through my blog is to cultivate the habit of serious thinking and writing.  I see this as a getaway from humdrum existence. And I’m so glad to have started blogging since I have gained so much through this journey. Few are…
1. A better thinker– it is your thoughts that come out as words. In the process of writing, you stop somewhere, think deeper, delve deeper into the matter and your views on it.
2. A better writer – happens as you keep on writing. In due course, you learn the art of recording your thoughts in a way that compels others to feel and agree with them. Quite a task indeed!
3. A chance to meet new people– it is quite a rush with every positive comment I get. I find encouragement in the feedback and that makes the journey all the more interesting. Blogging community is very friendly, encouraging and they genuinely cheer every time I come up with a post. Oh! there are some constant critiques. And I would love you to be a critique since I’m intending to get better at writing.
4. Introduction to the world – a blog could very well be a Launchpad. Whether you have 1 reader or 1000 readers, your blog introduces you and your life to the world outside. And won’t you be excited to find a bunch of people who could relate to you, your story, enjoy hearing it and want more of it?! Wonderful, isn’t it? This is why I blog.