Do you feel annoyed every time you watch Karan Thappar in Devil’s Advocate? I do. Why? One of the many things I hate is to be interrupted while I speak. A person who is listening to you falls under one of these:

  • He listens to you but way off the mark from understanding what you actually utter.
  • He pretends to listen and doesn’t give a damn about what you say. Mentally somewhere else.
  • He listens to you keenly, taking it all in.
  • And, this. He listens and interrupts regularly, jumping the gun. He finishes your sentences for you. In the process, formulates a set of questions in his head.

People who watch Devil’s Advocate can easily put KT in fourth category. I know a few who, in spite of knowing that they shouldn’t keep on interrupting, that they should give the other person some time to finish, end up doing the opposite of it. Many a times I have found myself saying “Let him finish yaar!”. I am sure you have also encountered the same situation at some point in time. Why can’t they wait for their turn to reply? Will they ever learn the art of listening?