ImageWhat do I expect before starting a book/novel? That every page should propel me wanting more of twists and turns, laughs and tears. With that hope, I started The God of small things, a booker-winning novel. Sadly, I was disappointed and soon as I realized it wasn’t moving, I stopped half the way. That got me thinking whether all the booker-awarded Indian authors’ novels are of the same kind. Only solution is to read another of that category. I chose Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger. Man! I was wrong!! I was blown away by his sarcasm, black wits, full of phrases that would make you LOL. With the way he has described Laxmangarh, one could easily relate to and visualize the dirty streets of it. Everything, Indian events, beliefs, society, culture, caste, feelings, individualism, have been captured in style! I would say, this book stands as a fact for all those. Freedom and individuality neatly explained through the life events of the protagonist, Balram. Some may not agree stating Balram is full of immoral values for he cheats, he values his personal gain more that he even kills his boss. In India, it is an unwritten rule that people born as poor will remain so forever and so will their children be. But, Balram, turns the table. He conquers his poverty, moves up the social ladder but..the means he used to achieve that, are immoral. If seen with positive attitude, he proves that with strong will and power, by being smart, one could conquer all the odds in his life. Conclusion is, rarely a booker-novel, a page-turner. But, this, White Tiger, definitely roars with power, true to what it really symbolizes!