You know, at times we do what we want rather than what we should be doing. Like what I’m doing right now. Typing this when I should be typing a project report. I don’t seem to be focussed. Having desultory thoughts. Wish I could hit bed soon. Coming to think of it, if there was something we hated as kids, it was being told to go to bed soon. Now, reverse is true! We would to like to get more sleep. Always. But, there is always work to be done, tight packed schedules, places to go..contributing to stressful lifestyle. I dare not to look at my to-do list 😦 Most of the day spent working, often extending till late night, then, off to uneasy sleep, wake up to lazy morning feeling groggy. In spite of all these things, there is something I love about waking up. That funny fight between waking up from the bed and falling back into it!! Short-lived bliss it is!! I should stop here. Enough is high time I started working on the report. At least to gift myself the pleasure of taking one item off the list!! Time to act is now or never!!