you will know what it is as you read on.

Before that, today’s newspaper had this tag line, “Live regret-free life”. That made me think if I have one.

*Flashback begins*

When I was in 8th standard, I was offered a chance to be a part of school project which later went on to be presented National-level, winning district-level and state-level rounds. At that point in time (and my life), I was a timid girl..lacking courage to think aloud. To put it plain, I suffered from stage fright. I felt my arms heavy in front of a crowd. During team selection, I and few friends were asked to speak on any topic for few minutes. Until I walked into Sir’s room, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I went in but uttered nothing. I stood there like a doll. Even after poking, I only gave him a blank look but said nothing. I passed up an opportunity to be a part of that project that would have given me valuable experience and knowledge.

Days passed by. When the news on team’s success reached us, I was indeed happy for them but I couldn’t avoid regretting. I had wondered how it would have been if I were one among them. I had denied myself of what that project could have taught me.

It is often said a person enjoys both success and failure. If asked to tabulate my successful and failure moments, I would add an extra column, “missed opportunities”. Doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, you will have something to learn, at least. But, when you miss an opportunity, you miss on something important- experience that could have prolly changed the course of your life. That day, had I opened up myself a bit, who knows, I would have helped my team and in the process, would have improved myself. This way or that way, I would have known where I stood and what to do about it.

Ever since, I have always tried my best not to shy away from situations. In spite of all form of fear (fear of talking, fear of losing), I faced the situations. During Under Graduation days, my department was in need of writers for department magazine. Volunteers had to write on-the-spot essay on the given topic that tested the thought process, writing skill and language. I was afraid thinking what if I failed to make it to the team because I knew I lacked writing skills. Nevertheless I didn’t repeat the mistake I did back in school. I gave the test, wrote a three page essay. I wasn’t selected but I was happy and satisfied that I at least made an attempt. I took the first step. I didn’t gift myself what could possibly be the worst emotion of all (title of this post)– REGRET, once again!

*Flashback ends*

This developed as a habit and then as an attitude. So far, I have given numerous presentations (must, for a student). I, now, read and write a lot. It feels good when I think I have conquered “fear” which had a say in decisions I had to make. Looking back, none of us would have had regret-less days. We have to make sure we give room for none in the future. This attitude gives you enough courage to walk on the road not taken… urgh no, the road less taken, perhaps.