We all know Sita is considered as an epitome of patience and tolerance. Almost her entire life. She tolerated living in the forest, she tolerated being taken away by force, she tolerated actions of Ravana and her safe guards. Upon return, she tolerated when people questioned her chastity. She tolerated being sent away mercilessly. Everything..she tolerated without asking why. She tolerated Rama’s whims and fancies. Hence, she is revered by all.


Across the sea, was Vibhishana. Ravana’s brother. He knew Ravana and his deeds were wrong. He had two options: To be loyal to his brother, tolerate his misdeeds and stand by him throughout, like the other brother, Kumbhakarna, or, to do the right thing: be honest, be bold, be upright, stand against. What did he do? He decided to break away from him and join the troop of Rama. He chose to stand up against something what he felt was wrong. He is also respected for the choice he made.

So, who is right, Sita or Vibhishana? Tolerate, stand up against (and not tolerate)- both are different and yet result is same? Which is better? Depends on the situation, actors and their actions, perhaps.

Question to you, readers, is, given a difficult situation wherein a person of your interest does something that gives you a feel of unease, whom would you be? A tolerant Sita, an upright Vibhishana or a loyal Kumbhakarna?