I happened to look at a bunch of group photos taken during every year of schooling. When you look at your past pictures, you are bound to remember something related to them or an incident that happened whilst they were taken. I was pulled back to those memorable school days. Pulled back to a time when I and my own set of friends would wander about the corridors, guffawing for all sorts of jokes which, now, might seem to be PJs, bunking classes to attend various competitions, arguing with teachers who come for last hour to let us free and lunching together. Those were the times!

Lunch hour was when most of us indulged in the prime past-time- discussing who had a crush on who, who was paired with who, who got a love letter from who, who accepted, who sincerely handed that over to class teacher, who rejected and why so? 😀 Juvenile it was yet they made some great memories!

We did have some terrible times. Every day Morning Prayer sessions! Standing out in the sun and fighting the scorching heat. When others were getting baked, I used to be in the shade, up on the stage. I was a part of school’s choir group. Rest of the school would have prolly cursed us (singers) for the privilege we had.

There were times when we, girls, used to mull over a guy who was given more importance in maths class just because he was darn good at it and regularly scored centum (only person!). So annoyed we were that I and few others pledged to score centum in the public exam! Didn’t know if it was possible at all. But, we wanted to. Badly. And, we did. Four girls, including me, along with him got what we wanted! Thought of proving ourselves gave more happiness than the fact that we scored the maximum! 😀

Those were the times!!

Only bother was to be prepared for unannounced class tests, battle against tough subjects, and burn midnight’s oil on the eve of exams. Otherwise, Friends, teachers, classes, competitions, cultural, occasional tours…happy times!!

All of a sudden I realize we are all grown up, grown apart, settling down with work, some with family and lives. Fleeting years and much water has flown down the Ganges! Time just flies under feet and so do us, sprouting wings, fly to distant lands and end up there, failing to have contacts. At some point, we must stop; rest our wings…to look back at the journey we have made so far, with a thought here and a laugh there!

Coming to present… Sadly, I am not in touch with everyone. Thinking of it, leaves me wondering how at a point in time, I thought I couldn’t survive without friends and that now, I have slowly drifted away, traveling in my own path without them. But, down the line, somewhere, there is an invisible skein that ties us. Could be the thoughts triggered by old photos. Looking at few classmates I wasn’t close to, makes me wonder what they are doing right now, how and where are they. So much missed and so much to catch up. I think by the time I properly catch up with them and bond as we used to as school kids, I would have probably retired and turned salt and pepper. Sigh!