It was evening, around 4.45. I was walking on the bridge across one of the busiest roads of Coimbatore, Avinashi road. Especially around the time mentioned in the beginning, traffic will be at its peak. I always like to watch the long stretch of vehicles waiting impatiently. I stood there for say 10 minutes to observe what was going on below. Much to the displeasure of people who were actually waiting down. Few looked up with that Are-you-that-jobless? kind of question 😀 Who cares?

Drivers honk though they knew the person in front can hardly budge; they rush irrespective of being aware that they couldn’t make it on time, people with two wheelers are a bit lucky..they demonstrate gymnastics on the road to occupy even the smallest possible space in between. The best sight of all is seeing vehicles rushing ahead, soon as colour turns green, as fast as an arrow shot from the bow string!

But, this, I mean ‘I-enjoy’ part, holds good, if and only if I stay a viewer and certainly not the one who’s stuck! 😛

Same as how life is, isn’t it? We compete with rest of the people, try hard to outsmart them unmindful of the difficulties we cause in the pursuit and can’t wait to taste the fruit of success, always rush ahead! So much to learn out of it, if only we’re ready to learn..