Walk for a better life– said a hoarding that I recently saw. Needs no Einstein to understand what it conveys. All of us are well aware of the benefits of walking. So, I skip that part to share my take on the word, WALK.


To me, the word walk means more like an obligation. With obligation comes a lack of enjoyment. So, I would prefer ‘stroll’ to it. It gives a nicer tone, doesn’t it? Grab an ipod/mp3 player and go for it. Or better way is to go empty handed for nature offers better music than anything else. People around you chattering, birds chirping, dry leaves rustling, the sound of wind blowing through the bustling leaves.. Never mind the place.. College or park or beach or en route to workplace..make sure you stroll whenever you get a chance to.

Easiest way to forget all worries, enjoy and observe the nature and also,keep our health in check. All achieved through one act! So, I would say, “Stroll for a better life”, if not daily, at least, as often as possible.