“You did very well in semester exam too! Actually, you deserve an ‘S’ (top grade)! But, in relative grading, you never know what you’ll get.”

As a student, these are the words one would ever want to hear from his/her tutor. I heard them today! Felt so good that the effort I put in has been acknowledged and appreciated. That too, when it comes from concerned teacher, it is much more special. How else can a student pay back his/her teacher other than making him happy with his/her performance and come out with a compliment!

Semantic Web Technology– next to subjects handled by HoD, this is another course which I thoroughly enjoyed throughout the course time. In the beginning, I was worried as to how I would manage, since subject was new to me and I had to learn from the scratch. Soon after few classes were over, all worries turned into a strong like and confidence. His teaching style was so good that I never wanted to skip a class. [Personally I feel, this is the most important testimony a teacher could (and should) get]. It isn’t an easy subject to teach. Neither a complete theory nor analytical subject, but a combo of both. But, he handled it effectively. I can’t elaborate on how he did for I don’t think it can be put into words, properly. So, let me just continue with reasons. Another reason why I was being very attentive is, his English. Yes, English! He has high command over the language and that made me want to listen more and more. I am happy that I made the right choice-opting this course as an elective. He taught not only SWT but also how to take class invoking interest and maintaining it till the end, irrespective of the time schedule (first hour/ immediately after lunch/ last hour). Happy that I got a chance to be his student 🙂

I decided to blog about him (a little) and his kind gesture since I felt I had to register this special moment. Also, a small token of gratitude.

To highly motivating, inspiring, student-friendly and ever smiling, Mr. Engels!

PS: I got ‘A’ grade in SWT (next to S). And that first line of the post.. He said so when I met him to convey the grade.