For quite some time, my mother is busy with her new interest, a social service, apart from her mainstream job in the bank.

“Exchange of jadhagam (Horoscope) among her friends and colleagues who are participating in the “looking” process! (finding a suitable match for their son/daughter)”.

The other day, the next-door Maami (Aunt) came home to discuss about details of the probable matches that mother had successfully managed to get for her son. Some without pictures.

I pretended not to listen but I was pretty much doing that! As long as someone else is concerned, these are always a source of fun! 😛

Main part of their conversation:

Certain things are more enjoyable when said as they happened. To get the essence of it. So, dialogues will be in Tamil, that too in Brahmin dialect. Translation given below to help others.

(After usual talking about the primary details of girls, their parents, etc..)

Mother: I could get only very less details about few girls. Few didn’t give photos. Idhu pathaadhu. [This isn’t enough] We need more details to proceed.

Maami:     Don’t worry! Per irukkolyo..adhu porum! Adha mattum sollungo..Facebook-la check pannidlaam. Adhu la dhan porandhadhu lerndhu kaarthala saapta breakfast varaikkum ellam update panraale!Mukyama, boyfriend girlfriend vera!

[ Just say the name! We’ll find her on Facebook! It has all details we want.. right from the birth to breakfast is being updated! Especially, about boyfriend and girlfriend! ]

My mother gave a are-you-doing-the-same? look for which I didn’t respond 😀

Mother:    Oh..I didn’t know. I am not using it. What about photos?

Maami:    Aayiram photos irukkum. Matrimony site la kooda ivlo irukaadhu!

[ There will be 1000s of photos. Not even the matrimony site will have so many!]

Mother:    I see! I have no idea.

Maami:    Neengalum adhula join pannungo. (turns and looks at me) Pinnadi useful-la irukkum.

[You should join soon. Might be helpful in future]

I was like “vandha vela aachu!” [mission accomplished!]

Mother:    neenga vera maami. Bank la naal full-la computer paathu paathu kan valikardhu, kazhuthu valikardhu! Aathla dhan konjam free-a iruken. Idhellam teva illa. Namakku health dhan mukyam!

[ No no. In bank, I am looking at the computer all day. Eyes pain and neck strains! Only at home, I am free and away from it. These are unnecessary. Health is more important than all these! ]

That moment, I was super proud of my health-conscious mother!