“Heyyyyyyyy…hw z u?”
“Had osum tym wid frndz…”
“choooo chweeetttt!!!!”
“happppiieee buddday 2 u!!”
“k” (the worst of all!)
Do you cringe seeing them? I do! Everytime I see these as status messages or in SMS! This may be common among young users but most of the English-lovers,like me, only have disdain for this lingo. In what way is “gr8” better than “great”?! I have found many taking pride in using such words in the name of trend failing to realize that they are indirectly spoiling the beauty of the language. I know only few who follow the proper usage no matter how big the message is and always. I strongly believe that texting affects the written English for it has become common nowadays to see students using text-language in their answer sheets unknowingly. Many of my friends have shared such experiences laughing out loud! I used to think, “What is so funny about it? Stop laughing and start realizing the mistake!”. But, I rarely thought aloud. We should be taking more pride in ourselves and in our words.  We often forget that when we put our words out there, we leave ourselves open to critique. I sincerely hope people will understand the advantages of using proper English and change the way they use it. Not only in formal communications but also (mainly) in informal.