30.09.2013 – Evening

There I was, whiling away by turning left and right, in front of an ATM, waiting for my turn. What did I see?

* A visually challenged person selling key chains with a board that says, “en vizhigal mattum dhan irulil moozhgi ullana ; en vaazhkai alla!!” (Only my eyes are drowned in darkness but not my life!!)  High dosage of confidence that was!!

* A father coming out of a shop carrying his child across his chest. She was sleeping showing no care for the world..as if she was in the safest place that there ever was…!

* A grandfather with his little granddaughter, coming out of the school, with hands clasped; a bunch of school lads sharing one gulfi.. there was touch, warmth, friendship and certainly, love!!

* A middle aged woman came out of ATM. Soon, a guy whose looks suggested that he was from North Eastern part of country, dashed out of ATM, ran behind that lady, yelling at her. Rest of the people, outside ATM and who were walking with her, turned towards that man not knowing how to protect her or what they had to do. Security followed him closely only to see him handing her ATM card. Her card! He left the spot leaving behind a crowd of stunned and judgmental people. Including me.