Travelling always fascinates me. If the place I am about to visit is in my must-visit list, then it is much more special. One such place is Kerala. Though I live in Kerala-TamilNadu border, Coimbatore, I never had a chance to make it there. But there came an occasion and what could be better than a friend’s wedding?!  Also, 3 days stay at my friend’s home in Kollengode, Palakkad. Nothing more could I ask for!!


The more remote the transport is the more you get to see and know a place. Roads offer such a pleasure. There I was, in windows seat, taking in nature’s beauty that is in plenty.

2 hours journey. . Short but less tiring.

With green fields and coconut trees providing feast to eyes and malayalam, spoken by people around me, to ears, I was excited about the happy times ahead.

My friend lives in “agraharam”, which goes by the name, East Village. First trip to village. Unlike what I am used to, so far, it was calm. Completely out of the noise that a busy town/city offers every day. It was such a pleasure to know new people and to my surprise, I found myself at ease with them though that was our first meeting. (At times, conversed in bits of malayalam I knew 😉 ) By people, I mean my friend’s family and neighbours as well. Bonding with them was easy and that made me realise I could mingle well with new faces, something I wasn’t sure about till then. Felt touched by the love and concern they showered on me.

Oh..the wedding! It went well. Needless to say how fun a reunion of friends would be, especially at another friend’s wedding. Numerous jokes shared, photos taken..time spent reminiscing good old days back in college..seeing one of us getting married gave us a chill..we are getting old!!! Ok..not too old..time enough to worry about it.

Back to good things..

Food! Traditional and tasty Kerala dishes..with coconut oil’s fragrance. Glad I got a chance to taste them. For 3 days and nights! I was lucky to be there on the day of Onam, an important festival of the land. Not much celebrations though. To add to the fun I was already having, there came a kid, friend’s cousin. Full of energy he was! I was also a kid, for time being, playing with him, running around the home chasing the ball!

Every day I spent there, was full of moments I would cherish forever! Thanks to my friend and her family who made me feel at home!

There is always a sad, tough part, isn’t it? Departure!

Goodbyes are something I have never been quite fond of. Departures are difficult. They rob you of brief company you had. But you have beautiful memories to take back with you.

People, places, words, impressions they make.. take you to a different world!!

Overall, it was a short trip, rejuvenating mind and body, showing how little I have seen and how much beautiful more is out there, around every corner, to be savoured!!