Few days back, I was upset over an issue and that hurt me.That blocked me from moving ahead. At that moment, I didn’t want to break the silence. Later,like I always do,gave it a thought. As a child, when I was hurt, I used to cry for sometime and then get over it. At times it took longer to recover from harsh words lingering in memory, sadness of unpleasant situations. But, over time, hurt lessened.

But, as I grew, it took a new dimension. Ego slowly crept in, blocking me from looking beyond. I forgot to forgive. I realized that I was not ready to acknowledge that I was hurt and not letting myself go of that hurt. That pain, that wound acted as a road block.. I asked myself, “Why shouldn’t I try to forgive and forget the person and the issue? Would it cost me anything? No! then, why not?”. After all, I am doing it for myself; to make way for peace and joy to enter; to lessen the burden I carried so long. And when I did, it cooled the sting, provided warmth to the heart. Much needed lesson and medicine!

Forgive and forget who hurt you but never forget what it taught you!!