I am a person who wants to maintain a good relationship with everyone I know , especially with friends. Recently, this very character got me entangled in a complicated situation. I was well aware of the consequence but I let that happen.

No, not because I don’t mind. But, it was because I couldn’t prevent. That wasn’t the first time too! So, I thought it was high time I analyzed myself to trace the root cause of the problem. To avoid such bitter situations in future. To prepare myself even if I were to face one. I did realize what was that.

The trouble with me is that I am unable to say NO to anyone and that is what got me into complications. I find it difficult to say no even if it demands something that makes me go against my wishes. During such situations, I preferred not hurting the other person to my own wishes. I say no, they feel bad and that might strain our relationships. This is how I over think! In a way, I am glad that this happens only with my close friends and not with every Tom, Dick and Harry I know! This isn’t enough. I must act. At once! I must completely get rid of this to create space for my own wishes, to give what they deserve.  I realized it is OK to say no. A simple two-letter word but with huge effect! It will make me guilt-free,something that I always missed. All I should do is to gracefully decline if I don’t want to do it. Make others understand why I declined. If they understood, well and good. If not, I should care less. After all, I should live for myself..not to satisfy others!