It feels good when you follow what your heart wants and says. Ever since I started reading books (and The Hindu),which have rich English vocabulary, I have found myself wondering at the skills that the writers possessed. The choice of words, formation of sentences, the flow of story, that thrill, sentiment, etc. They put everything inside one book! I so wished to join their club. I didn’t know if I possessed that quality of becoming a writer but I wished for it.

I knew only talking about it isn’t sufficient. I must be about it. So, I picked up random topics and made articles out of them. Started blogging too. Only then did I realize  writing was not a piece of cake! I never knew focussing on something and putting it in words is quite a task! Also, I had a false notion that the thoughts I put in on any article had to be in a novel and catchy way. I started doubting my abilities. I wasn’t sure of how much novelty I could bring out. Becuase of all these, I didn’t find the spark within that would push me ahead to start writing. After years, during my UG days, I did serve as a freelance writer for a company for a short span. The articles I wrote didn’t have a flowery verbose, weren’t catchy. But, the points were simple, unambiguous and straight. No beating around the bush job just to increase the word count! And much to my surprise, I was appreciated for that. This was my bodhi-tree-enlightment part! I realized that all these years I was under a misconception. I started believing that I did possess some of the basic qualities of writing. That was all I wanted! Small appreciation makes you do wonders!!

I thoroughly enjoyed those days of writing. Something that I love to do. Unfortunately it stopped after months due to my hectic study-schedule. But the spark was never put off.

Here comes the good news.. I have revived the dead job. Writer in me has awakened. I’m a part time writer once again! 🙂 I love the way it sounds! WRITER! Only the people who are in love with words and the English language will understand and feel the same way as I do.

The credit goes to Ms.Nandini Karky, who has a way with words, who is brilliant in putting her thoughts in a way that makes the readers go “WOW!!”, who inspires many to write (I’m one among them), and of course, who makes many (me) feel jealous of her command over the language. It was because I fell in love with her beautiful English, I decided to start writing again, applied for freelance jobs and got one. Thanks much for your indirect help! 🙂

Hope this goes uniterrupted!