What a joy to declutter a messy room, to clear all your backlogs, of course, a laundry bag, to see all checked to-do list!! Similar to scaling a peak..but always, there arises the next hill ahead. Routine work goes on a loop much to our displeasure.

Everyday we find ourselves drowning under a pile of works, responsibilities that just keep on increasing. And soon, broken commitments, missing deadlines happens often. This is where prioritizing jobs and coming up with a workflow come in handy. Putting effort to create a streamlined workflow helps to clean the clutter in your life. Be it home or workplace, this practice works well!

Unless you know what is important, you can’t ensure that you have allotted enough time for it. Assess your priorities- work, going out, spending time alone and with friends & family, health, etc and strictly follow it! Planning alone isn’t sufficient. Implement. Don’t just plan/talk about it. Be about it.

A structured day will surely increase your sense of accomplishment!