Its been three months since I came here, PSG College of Technology, to pursue higher studies and first semester is nearing end. 3 more days to go. It has been a roller-coaster ride so far. Assignment-internals-assignment-internals-lab test-internals-semester exam. Thanks to Golu and Deepavali because of which we got time to relax ourselves.(Not that we were taxed with pile of works everyday. But, certainly, we were pushed to the extent of having a tinge of that feel).

Crossed all those successfully and here I am. Waiting to write the last exam- Software Engineering. Two days leave is more than enough. Thought if I started studying now,then the day before exam, I could be tension-free. (I know. Vetti scene! :-P) Also, this happens to be my favourite subject. Thus began the process.

Topic-1 Software Development LifeCycle.

Describes how a software is developed from the scratch.
1.Requirement Analysis
Don’t worry.. I am not going to elaborate each phase.
At this point, a great realization dawned on me. That these phases, along with the coding part, matches with cooking! Yes, you read it right. Cooking!

1.Requirements analysis- Ingredients analysis
2.Design- Procedure/ recipe (step by step process. What to put first, how much to put etc)
3.Implement- Cook
4.Test- Same goes here, test. Both have end users who will face the consequences be it good or bad.

I wonder how both go hand in hand.

Now, shift to coding and cooking.

Similarities that I found..
1.Like I said earlier, both have methods. For cooking, it is recipe. For coding, it is algorithms.
2.Both require utmost concentration while doing.
3.To some, it(coding & cooking) might be boring. To some, it is a passion.
4.Easy to do mistakes but error detection and correction are very difficult in both.
5.One can excel in both only by practising not by following books(theory).
6.Difficult to achieve perfection all the time.
7.Not sure if you will get the desired output.
8.End users are only concerned with the output not the difficulties involved in implementation.

There may be many more.. But my wonderful(?!:-P) thought process was disturbed by my dad’s call.

PS: Thank you for reading this mokkai 😛