On walking down my memory lane, I realized how angry I got with a friend of mine, few days back. Why? She failed to fulfil my expectations. Now, to me, it seems silly and ridiculous. But the truth is when you expect something and that is not fulfilled, you get disappointed, feel frustrated. Many a times, frustration breeds anger, bitterness, unpleasantness, resentment and jealousy. On dwelling more, I was able figure out the crux of it. I was depending on that person! Whenever I was disappointed with others, I have always tried to find one good reason to shift the blame on them and put myself at the receiving end rather than considering that I and my laziness could well be the cause.
Having expectation to some extent is harmless. But when it collides with the reality, it hits our face and it pains. We expect people to be good to us, helpful, friendlier, politicians to be scandal-free, Government to be accountable, round the clock electricity, Tendulkar to hit a ton in every match, movies to be excellent and in my case, SMS in proper English. The list goes on and on.
Is it possible to shed expectations? All of a sudden, it can’t be done. A slow process. One should be matured enough to understand and implement. May be there should be a touch of spirituality too. Way too early to jump into the ocean of spirituality!
Instead, I tried to spend a day without expecting anything from anyone. It’s needless to say that I failed. After all, I am not a born Buddha.