“What do you look for in a boy?”-asked a friend of mine. A complicated question! I will share the general opinion from what I’ve read, heard and seen for myself. (Includes mine too)

What she expects is certainly not too much. She wants him to be considerate, to notice her, to think of her and to appreciate her. A well-mannered and sophisticated boy is sure to attract a girl’s attention. He should also be smart, not good-looking necessarily but not clumsy in the way he dresses, he talks and he carries himself. She highly appreciates a good sense of humor. A boy who can make her laugh, and yet can take some things in life seriously would be the one whose company she cherishes. A girl likes to lean on someone, so would want him to be understanding and should keep in mind that a girl isn’t infallible.

She wants him to be brave, so that he can face the shortcomings and miseries of life with courage. Besides this, he should be courteous and generous. She wouldn’t mind his propensity for other girls to the extent that he remains faithful to her. (I don’t agree with this) He needn’t have the same interest as she has; in fact a boy who is different from herself holds a greater fascination for her.

If she regards the boy with the view of marriage, she would like him to be economical. She would prefer an intellectual man to one whose “heart rules his head”. It doesn’t really matter whether the boy a girl chooses for herself is rich and influential. It would be enough for her if he possesses some of the aforesaid qualities. She doesn’t expect perfection, for she knows no human being is perfect.

Last but not the least… By his natural thoughtfulness, conversation and actions, a boy is sure to win her heart, sooner or later!