Hello World!! (Note: If you’re a programmer, You would get what it means the other way 😛 ) I know it’s too late to start blogging.  One among many interesting things that I’ve not tried yet-writing or call it blogging, whatever. So, time to test my writing skills 😀 I assumed I wouldn’t face any difficulty in doing the same. But, I’m wrong! This requires so much of thinking and creativity to put my thoughts in an interesting manner, to make the presentation appear novel and catchy. Well, this is my first attempt.


Some dislike to stay alone, some appreciate it. Where do I belong? Unable to zero in on one. Well, it depends upon the situation. There are times when I needed/preferred to be left alone and loved to be surrounded by people  laughing merrily as well. I feel by being alone, you get  time to think, analyze and decide what you really wish for, what bothers you, which is good/bad, what must be done and must not be done.. Reality strikes you in face. Thoughts flow unperturbed. None to influence, brain wash, advice, disturb you. Just you!  In a way,it provides a platform to observe yourself. A great understanding dawns on one through solitude only (saying out of my own experience). This idea of blogging says it all 😉 😀